Pain Management

Are you facing any back pain?

Are you experiencing swelling around your tendon or joint?

Cryo4Life can help you recover from physical difficulties and restore movement loss through its most potent and advanced Cryotherapy-inspired sessions. Not only it speeds up recovery from wounds, but it also helps in managing pain and inflammation and increasing blood circulation.

In simple words, we make it possible for you to maximize the quality of your life.

Cryotherapy Shares A Remarkable History In Reducing Pain

Cryotherapy refers to “cold therapy” or “cool sculpting”. In this therapy, your body is exposed to a low temperature, leading your brain to believe that it is facing a fight or a flight situation.

Consequently, the metabolism of your body works harder in order to control the body temperature and increase circulation, forcing the oxygen-rich blood to transport through veins with a payload of hormones and enzymes.

This cold therapy has been in use since the early BC’s and used by Napoleon’s soldiers in the early 80s. Today, it has been baptized and modernized for a variety of benefits apart from reducing swelling and managing pain.

Cryotherapy Has Many Areas To Cover

Cryo4Life employs the cold-compressing technique to offer you the following benefits:

➔ Reduction in inflammation

➔ Alleviation in pain

➔ Reduction in Swelling

Although there are many other cooling techniques like gel packs, ice massage, and ice towels, none has been found as effective as CRYOTHERAPY.

Pain Alleviation Through CRYO Sessions

By exposing your body to cold temperature, we numb the soft tissues of your body that eventually slows down the spread of pain signals to the nerves. When your brain sensors sense the cool temperature, your blood starts flowing in the direction of the torso, insulating the vital body organs.

When there is not so much blood in the wounded area, the pain gets mild and alleviated. In this way, our experts help you recover from chronic pain.

If you are suffering from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or chronic back pains, bets are our CRYO sessions will get you back to a normal life free from physical difficulties.

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