This is the WORLD'S best localized cryotherapy device!

Our tool allows us to treat clients via multiple modalities such as pain management, athletic recovery, body sculpting, energy boosts, or fat freezing. Stimulating the body to enact its own healing response mechanism gives you, our client, a way to heal naturally. It just feels better knowing that the worst side effect you can get from this treatment is frostnip, and with our proven techniques, that’s not likely to happen. Medications can cause kidney or liver shutdown, exacerbate high blood pressure, or cause weight gain or even drowsiness that results in accidents. Instead, with localized cryotherapy, the body releases endorphins that actually make you feel good after treatment. The added beauty benefit of tightening skin and killing fat cells (lipolysis) is amazing! We can do this in 90 seconds, where it takes other fat reduction techniques nearly an hour and thousands of dollars.

cryo4 life

Ergonomically designed, this is a hand-held battery powered device that creates localized CryoStimulation with various interchangeable nozzles for a variety of applications.


The Kaasen

The Kaasen is an advanced, handheld cryostimulation device that elicits the destruction of fat cells (cryolipolysis). The treatments are quick, comfortable and result in permanent fat loss.