How Light Therapy Works

Think of it as a battery charger for compromised cells . . .

Light source emits photons

Photons are absorbed in the mitochondria and cell membranes

Causing an elevation of ATP synthesis

Increased ATP causes a cascade of metabolic events resulting in biochemical & cellular changes…

Cells Affected by LED Therapy

Fibroblast Cells: (red, a little IR). Produces collagen and elastin fibers in connective tissue.

Keratinocytes: (both red and IR equally). Provides structural strength to the skin, hair and nails. Responsible for skin clarity, tone and texture.

Mast Cells: (red, near IR). Essential for inflammatory reactions.

Neutrophil Cells: (leukocytes): (little red, mostly IR). Are the first line of defense in the inflammatory process. Adequate numbers are important to protect the body from infection.

Macrophage Cells: (leukocytes): (red and IR). Play a vital role in activating specific immune responses.

P. acnes bacteria: (blue) causes bacteria to destroy itself.


Blue Light Dominant 465 nm)
Singlet oxygen is produced
P.acnes self-destrucNon A phototoxic reacNon caused by singlet oxygen (a bacteriacide)

Tissue Repair

Red Light Dominant(640 nm)
Absorbed by fibroblasts
Up-regulaNon of ATP process
Up-regulaNon of ATP process
Absorbed by fibroblasts
Absorbed by fibroblasts


Near – infrared dominant (880 nm)
Creates Angiogenesis
Decrease Inflammation
Pain Reduction

Wound Healing

Red + IR wavelengths (640 + 880nm)
Absorbed by epithelial cells
Up-regulation of ATP process – cell migration