Hair Regrowth Treatment

Time To Say Bye To Hair Thinning and Falling!

Are you experiencing unpredictable hair falls?

Are small bald patches showing on your scalp?

Potentially, you are a victim of Alopecia Areata.

This is a relatively very common autoimmune disorder that gives rise to unforeseeable hair loss. For the majority of people, Alopecia Areata is nothing more than a few patches of baldness on the head.

Cryotherapy — The Best Remedy Against Alopecia Areata

Alopecia is a malfunction in the human immune system like every other autoimmune disease. In this disorder, while blood cells accidentally attack the cells in hair follicles resulting in moderate to severe inflammation. This inflammation leads to the fall out of hair that dramatically halts the process of hair production. Genetics may be one of the reasons why a person catches Alopecia Areata.

But all thanks to Cryotherapy that has turned the dream of hair rejuvenation into a REALITY!

CRYOTHERAPY — A Game Changer In The Realm Of Hair Rejuvenation

Cryo4Life exposes the patient’s scalp to the subzero temperature that in return suppresses the chronic and acute inflammation in hair follicles. Inflammation gets out and blood flow to the follicles gets improved.

This therapy not only helps in eliminating hair fall but also stimulates hair growth. It is a safe, viable, and potentially highly effective treatment against Alopecia. So, rest assured that you will be exposed to a treatment that has literally no side effects. It is even safer for kids as well.

Schedule your appointment with the CRYO experts and receive the most promising hair rejuvenation therapy TODAY!

Healthier and Long Hair is Now Not A Dream!

Hair Regrowth Before & After Photos

Hair RegrowthHair Regrowth
Hair RegrowthHair Regrowth
Hair RegrowthHair Regrowth